modulated electron bolus

In recent years electron therapy has fallen out of favour due to the inability to conform the high dose to the tumour volume, often being replaced by more sophisticated and conformal photon treatments. However, the sharp dose fall-off of electrons remains highly desirable. Conformal photon treatments consisting of several fields or a rotating arc can also be more complicated and time consuming to plan when compared to electron treatments which generally of a single static beam with no imaging requirements.

To address this need, 3D Bolus introduced the Modulated Electron Bolus Module which enables users to produce custom bolus structures that tailor the prescription isodose to the tumor volume beneath the skin while maintaining surface conformity. Ray-tracing algorithms evaluate the distance between the PTV and the isodose line to adjust the exterior contours of the bolus structure in order to provide a dose distribution that conforms to the target region.

Key Benefits of the Modulated Electron Bolus:

  • Optimized bolus design allows for tailoring of the dose distribution while maintaining conformal fit to the patient’s anatomy
  • Conforms the high dose area to the tumor volume while sparring healthy tissues
  • Software integrates with the Treatment Planning System to allow the import and export of optimized bolus structures via DICOM exchange
  • Algorithms lower the presence of hot spots and provide a homogeneous dose distribution
  • Generates the custom bolus design in under 2 minutes allowing users to optimize their planning process

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